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Tom and Laura finalists in the 2017 NWO Top Sector Chemistry Students competition
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The team The Bright Mutants was selected among the four finalists in the 2017 NWO Top Sector Chemistry Students competition. 

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Interview voor de Leidse radio

Op woensdagavond 24 mei  was Huub de Groot te horen in het programma Science071,  het Leidse wetenschapsprogramma van Sleutelstad FM.

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artikel in vaktijdschrift MilieuMagazine, april 2017

Prof. Huub de Groot werd door een journalist van het vaktijdschrift MilieuMagazine
ondervraagd voor het artikel CO2 OMZETTEN IN BRANDSTOF. 



FET Flagships Proposal Direct Conversion of Solar Energy

On December 15th, 2016 the European Commission will hold a Round Table Consultation based on the current results and on the forthcoming Position Papers in support of the various FET Flagships Proposals.

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Photosynthesis Research Special Issue on Photosynthetic Light Harvesting

Together with dr. Ivo van Stokkum and prof. Roberta Croce (VU Amsterdam) and prof. Herbert van Amerongen (Wageningen University), Anjali Pandit will serve as guest editor for a Special Issue on Photosynthetic Light Harvesting in the journal Photosynthesis Research, inspired by the Light Harvesting Satellite Meeting.

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Anjali Pandit Chair of the international Light Harvesting Meeting 2016

The Light Harvesting Satellite Meeting (LH2016, 4-7 Aug. 2016 in Egmond aan Zee) is a satellite meeting of the 17th International Congress on Photosynthesis Research and focuses on natural photosynthetic light harvesting. The meeting

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Tuning into photosynthesis

Dr. Anjali Pandit received a FOM projectruimte grant (400 k€) to develop strategies for performing in-situ NMR spectroscopy on intact photosynthetic  membranes. The grant will be used to hire a PhD student or postdoc and to purchase time-resolved fluorescence instrumentation.

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Article de Groot among the most cited articles published in ChemPlusChem in 2013 or 2014

The excellent paper "Molecular Catalytic Assemblies for Electrodriven Water Splitting" that was published in 

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The artificial leaf goes inorganic
bijgaand picture.png

Guest scientist and former PhD student Khurram Joya found a self-assembling CuOx water oxidation catalyst with a convex shape rooted in systematic lattice defects with a remarkable leaf-type texture on the sub micron scale.

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Reactor voor home hydrogen fueling

Je auto vol vanaf je dak, zou dat niet mooi zijn? Binnen BioSolar cells wordt gewerkt aan concentratie van zonne-energie naar

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Book: The Colours of Energy

Huub de Groot is one of the 55 authors for the book The Colours of Energy. The book consists of Essays on the Future of Energy in Society in which leading energy thinkers explore the future of energy in society. In 36 provoking and inspiring essays, they question established truths and chart possible paths towards a more sustainable future.

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artikel over kunstmatige fotosynthese in het Tijdschrift Milieu (nov 2015)

In het Tijdschrift Milieu van november 2015 verscheen een artikel waarvoor Huub de Groot, Robin Purchase en Huib de Vriend auteur waren.

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Huiskamer college voor de Nationale Wetenschapsagenda

Huub de Groot ging op 29 september 2015 naar Helmond om tijdens een huiskamercollege de vraag te beantwoorden die Mattijs van 11 stelde voor de Nationale Wetenschapsagenda. 'Kan er uit duisternis energie worden gehaald?', wilde de jonge Helmonder weten.

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Zonne-energie, zo in de tank
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Professor Huub de Groot vertelde dinsdag 21 april 2015 over de mogelijkheden van duurzame waterstof bij de opening van de waterstofgenerator bedoeld als tankstation voor de busjes van stadsparkeerplan aan de Leidse Haagweg.

Kunstmatige fotosynthese voor de productie van brandstoffen

Vandaag 31 maart is als 19e in de publicatiereeks over groene grondstoffen een boekje verschenen over kunstmatige fotosynthese; een technologie waarmee de energie uit zonlicht rechtstreeks in brandstof kan worden omgezet.

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NWO Supercomputing Grant to Dr. F. Buda

An NWO supercomputing grant of 1 Million core hours on Cartesius (SURFsara) has been awarded (March 2015) to Dr. F. Buda for his research on photo-induced charge separation processes and catalytic water oxidation reactions relevant for converting solar energy into fuel.

Leidraad artikel: "feit of fictie"

Artikel in het Alumni magazine 'Leidraad', Winter 2015 met als onderwerp 'feit of fictie' waarin de vrijheid van onderzoekers door

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Dated shells from the Dubois’ Java Man site suggest that Homo Erectus in Java is 1 million years younger than previously thought
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Professor Jan Wijbrans holds an appointment as Leiden University Fund sponsored extraordinary professor of Geology in the Science Faculty, and his basis in the faculty is the SSNMR group of the LIC, where he collaborates with professor Huub de Groot on the time scales of early life in very old sedimentary rocks. 

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Cover of Advanced Energy Materials
Cover Advanced Energy.jpg

Khurram Joya, working on a BioSolar Cells proof of principle project, made the cover of Advanced Energy Materials with his nickel-oxide nanoworm-structured water oxidation catalysts that self-assemble from a neutral bicarbonate system. The new catalysts are another step forward on the way to clean fuels for a sustainable future.

Alzheimer Forschung Initiative grant to Dr. A. Alia

An Alzheimer Forschung Initiative (AFI) grant has been awarded to Dr. Alia for her research entitled "In vivo MRI studies in assessment of sex-related metabolic changes in Alzheimer's disease". In this project, Dr.

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