The long term goal of our group is to reach understanding of structure, dynamics and functional mechanisms of membrane proteins and self-organized biological assemblies and to translate this knowledge into new concepts for nano-devices, medicine, and new materials of technical importance.

New(s) and notable

Article de Groot among the most cited articles published in ChemPlusChem in 2013 or 2014

The excellent paper "Molecular Catalytic Assemblies for Electrodriven Water Splitting" that was published in 

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The artificial leaf goes inorganic
bijgaand picture.png

Guest scientist and former PhD student Khurram Joya found a self-assembling CuOx water oxidation catalyst with a convex shape rooted in systematic lattice defects with a remarkable leaf-type texture on the sub micron scale.

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Reactor voor home hydrogen fueling

Je auto vol vanaf je dak, zou dat niet mooi zijn? Binnen BioSolar cells wordt gewerkt aan concentratie van zonne-energie naar

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Book: The Colours of Energy

Huub de Groot is one of the 55 authors for the book The Colours of Energy. The book consists of Essays on the Future of Energy in Society in which leading energy thinkers explore the future of energy in society. In 36 provoking and inspiring essays, they question established truths and chart possible paths towards a more sustainable future.

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